Co-curricular activities

Along with the curricular activities, various co-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year. Course begins with the course inauguration and an orientation Programs for about a week.

College celebrates Annual Sports Day, Deepavali, Christmas, Onam, Independence Day, observes AIDS day, Community awareness activities will be held on Anti-drug abuse day, Anti-tobacco day, breast feeding week, WHO day etc. Lab Technicians day will be celebrated on April 23rd.

Students are encouraged to take part in various activities inside and outside the college. Field visits are arranged as per the Syllabus to provide enriched learning experiences. Ongoing teaching programmers are carried out in the form of workshops to update the students time to time.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Apart from imparting a formal education the college emphasizes in strengthening and inculcating a rich cultural heritage in each student.

By celebrating the National and other religious festivals, the college fosters feeling of secularism, brotherhood and oneness.

It also gives importance to physical and mental activities to bring about overall development of a child.